After writing on the “Mental Health Benefits of Travelling Solo”┬áback in May 2018, (during Mental Health Awareness week) I have been longing to push my mental health advocacy further. Unfortunately, I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of my own. Unable to attend to the Weary and Wandering network, both writing on the blog & the posting content on the Instagram platform.

But despite my inactivity the site has just hit 2,000 Views & 850+ unique visitors… which is awesome!

Image showing 2,000+ hits, visits, views and number of posts on WearyandWandering.
Total Posts, Views & Visitors on W&W for 2018

What makes it better is that almost a┬áquarter of W&W’s traffic is on the “Mental Health Benefits of Travelling Solo” article, giving me hope that it has helped & maybe inspired at least a handful of people to broaden their horizons and consider travelling solo as a route of self help / environmental CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in the open world. Not on a video game.


Image showing the most viewed articles on WearyandWandering.com, "Mental Health Benefits of Travelling Solo" being the top.

Thankfully, in less than 50 days I will be travelling to Thailand for a month of madness. I am unaware of what awaits me in the Asian country, but I’m sure it’s going to be the best month I’ve had in a LONG time. I’m hoping it will inspire me in certain areas of my life drastically, giving me time to think away from the pressure and blur of my everyday routine.

Also, the “Weary and Wandering” Instagram account will be popping off whilst I’m out there with daily content & updates, so be sure to Follow!

#WorldSuicidePreventionDay­čÄŚ- 9/10/18

Strangely, waking up this afternoon realising it was┬á#WorldSuicidePreventionDay­čÄŚ made me feel extremely positive. After the sudden and tragic death of Mac Miller, which left me broken only 2 days ago; the topics of drug addiction and suicide have been on my mind.

Seeing how society is altering it’s perception to the topic of Mental Health and taking it much more seriously in everyday conversation is a step in the right direction. Reading through the encouraging messages on Twitter and bravery of survivors & sufferers speaking out over the last few days has been heartwarming and made me appreciate life even more so. Despite being at the hand of such a cruel mental affliction.

However, for the ignorant few that ever refer to suicide as a weak or the ‘easy route’ out of life. Please realise that suicide is often death caused by the illness of depression. The final symptom. A final collapse under an unbearable weight. Something that people who have never been close to that edge will not understand or mentally comprehend. Suicide is a tragedy, and I’m proud that days like today can bring light to the topic to hopefully bring changes into medical definitions and treatments, aswell of the ever-looming stigma surrounding Mental Health.

Suicide Prevention Day Header

“To those who cannot tell their stories, we will fight to remove the stigma for you.”

The main reason for writing this article was to relay some of the inspiring tweets I read this morning after my shower… It is important to never feel alone, my Twitter Direct Messages are always open for anyone in need of a conversation, aswell as all other points of contact on my blog.

“You don’t want to die, you just want to kill the way you feel right now.”

This is just a handful of the tweets posted today via the hashtag┬á#WorldSuicidePreventionDay­čÄŚ┬áthat I felt the need to share – click on the tag to read more!

I can’t say much more on the topic today than these fellow Advocates say themselves.

Spreading positivity, sharing articles & thoughtful messages on social media can all have a huge impact on some individuals lives/days. Furthermore, if we all do our bit to slowly break the stigma held against Mental Illnesses both online and in reality, it will ultimately lead to a better world for those who suffer. ­čÖé

Thankyou sincerely if you’ve read this far,


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