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Welcome to my travel blog, Weary and Wandering

“Weary Mind and Wandering Legs” is the name of this travel blog, created in September of 2017. The month in which I turned 21 years old, and recently dropped out of university.

University was the end goal of education for me, and had been for my entire adolescent life. “I will get my GCSE’s, do my A-Levels, then go to university and study for 3 years to get a degree in my favourite subject” i told myself. 1 year of university passed, great I achieved a CertHe in Computer Science, only 2 more years to go… until 2 months into my first semester of second year I couldn’t handle the heat anymore and chose to lug myself back home to safety.

Picture of me on a Solo Travel trip to Naples, Italy
Myself in Pompeii

One moment i was loving the independent life, when suddenly i found living so terrifying and exhausting, each day as draining as the next. My studies in Computing no longer inspired me, my lectures no longer interested me and most detrimentally, I no longer cared for the future. I had always wanted to mould the future precisely and  to my desires, but realised i was so dead set on the future i wasn’t focusing on my present happiness.

After months at home still struggling with my mental health, fighting the self-pity and despair i decided to pick myself up and book some time away. For myself, by myself. Somewhere completely new and unexplored. I had been on many family holidays before, and always longed to sneak off and explore locations at my own pace and virtue. This experience of solo travel seemed to be the first healthy addiction I had developed in years, leaving me craving more and lusting after new experiences. Travelling is without a doubt the fastest way to grow as a human being and inspire yourself to live better and stronger

My social anxiety I’ve developed prevents me from speaking up and voicing opinions, I even struggle forming thoughts in-front of people let alone expressing them… I’m better in writing or when I’ve have time to think about the topic alone, furthermore I’m hoping this blog will give me the confidence and strength to overcome these ‘bumps and edges’.

And whilst my travelling has only just begun, having this blog available from chapter 1 will allow me to archive all of my travels and memories, and ensure each destination is as well lived as the next.

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