My Travel Experience: Naples, Italy

As mentioned in the “About Me” section of this website, I described how i embarked on my first solo travel expedition to Naples, Italy. Why I chose this destination, I do not know.. but that was the beauty of the decision. I first decided that i would be travelling to Italy, leaving me with a variety of destinations to choose from. Rome, Venice, Naples, Milan etc, and while TripAdvisor lists a total of 149 sights and landmarks and 118 activities and tours for Naples. For Rome, there’s 552 sights and landmarks and 618 tours and activities. In other words, there are other Italian cities to visit besides Naples that offer many more options for tourists. I was quickly made aware by family and friends of Naples crime rate and lack of cleanliness which i was obviously opposed too… but i followed through with the trip anyway. A 20 year old recent university dropout, plagued by his own mind setting off to Italy for a 3 day adventure, hostel booked, flights booked at very awkward times and no real plan of what to do or see in the host country.


Travel Cost:

Firstly, I am going to break down the expenditure of my travels to Naples, Italy:

(£60-£70) Air Travel:

Tickets bought for this trip were purchased through SkyScanner, which uses complex search filters to find the cheapest travel tickets across thousands of destinations and airports. Information on how to secure cheap air travel and how to use SkyScanner can be found on, click here.

SkyScanner found my departure and return flights from EasyJet and Monarch, both to/from London Luton airport.

Outbound travel to Naples, Italy

The departure time was at 06AM Wednesday morning, arriving in Naples at 10AM, giving me a full day in Napoli upon arrival. This was booked intentionally to ensure i got the most time available to me in the destination, and likewise returning from Naples Capodichino airport at 8pm the following Friday.

Thus travelling from Weds-Fri, 2 nights in a hostel and 3 whole days in the city. Flights costing £30-£35 each.

Return flight and travel information

(£40-£45) Accommodation:

Accommodation in Naples was found using Hostel World, a web search engine containing over 35,000 properties, in 170 countries. Providing over 9,000,000 verified guest reviews. The hostel was booked directly using the mobile application, costing a total of 52 euro’s, (as seen below).

Hostel prices and informationI was not required to pay the entire fee upfront, the rest was paid on arrival. £40 for 2 nights seemed dangerously cheap, but i seemed to of found a hidden gem in the NeapolitanTrips Hostel. The hostel was a 5 min walk from the city centre, 10 min walk to the docks and with everything ‘tourist’ related nearby.

The only issue was travel from the airport to the hostel, but only required a 4 euro bus ticket to centre, and a 5 euro taxi fare after a brief walk around in circles…

Pictures of the hostel to follow, but the facilities were worth their money and more. The bed was comfy enough, safe storage provided under the bed with lock and key, clean and sleek toilet facilities, kitchen with free-access food on deck, a top floor/bar and large balcony smoking area, fully fit with leather sofas and deck chairs. The Wi-Fi across the building was great, and since i didn’t have much 3G out and about i made great use of this at night and during day time stop off’s at the hostel since it was in such a convenient location.

(£250) Spending Money:

So far having only spend £100-£120 on flights & accommodation in Naples, i decided to take £250 worth of spending money for my 3 days trip. Converting to roughly 300 euros, this allowed me a 100 spending limit a day.

Unfortunately I quickly found out the prices to travel to certain destinations which were on my list, i.e. Capri and Pompeii cost a fair bit, and on the last day had to make a further withdrawal of 100 euros, a lesson learnt from my first solo trip is definitely to research/book tickets to landmarks in advance.


Naples, Italy (Photo Gallery):

I will soon update this post with a breakdown of the entire trip, as each day of the 3 day travel hosted a variety of challenges and areas of the old city. My experiences were enthralling and opened my eyes to the Italian way of life, unruly culture and fast paced commuting. Averaging 30,000+ steps per day, I travelled the entire city using my hostel as base/HQ, on foot. Here are a selection of images taken from my iPhone 6 whilst roaming Naples, click to enlarge images. They are in chronological order from the moment i arrived.

Update: Check out my “Solo Travel Guide: Naples, Italy” live now on Weary and Wandering!

The photo’s taken on my phone do not depict everything of my trip to Naples, and intend on taking a higher quality camera on future trips to take more meaningful and shareable photographs. If you want to see my best pictures from my overseas travels, check out my instagram below and follow!


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